Frequently Asked Questions

  • I already have insertions for instream ads on my website. Do I need to create new insertions for instream ads in my mobile application ?
    No, you don't. Every Smart insertions using VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0 official templates can be delivered on all supported platforms. The same insertion will work just fine on Web, Inapp and even OTT TV. The only reason why you should create new insertions is if you need to use advanced targeting capabilities or want to create specific reporting.
  • Can I use the Instream SDK to display video banners or interstitial ?
    No, you can't. The Instream SDK will only display instream formats. For the moment, it only supports linear ads. To display banners or interstitial video ads, you should use the Display SDK which supports all outstream formats. Both products can coexist within the same application.
  • Is VPAID supported by the Instream SDK ?
    Not for the moment. VPAID support will come in a future update but only for mobile devices.
Content Players
  • I do not use AVPlayer, Exoplayer, BrightCove, Ooyala or JWPlayer as my content player, can I still use the Instream SDK ?
    As long as your content player is based on native components of the platform and has the APIs required by the SVSContentPlayerPlayHead/SVSContentPlayerPlugin, you should find a way to integrate the Instream SDK without any problem. You will have to create your own SVSContentPlayerPlayHead (iOS) / SVSContentPlayerPlugin (Android) and identify the right container view. Do not hesitate to ask your Smart AdServer contact about other player integrations.
Over The Top TV
  • Are ads skippable on OTT TV devices ?
    No they are not. Just like on regular television, the skip feature is not activated when ads are delivered on TV devices.
  • Are ads clickable on OTT TV devices ?
    No they are not. Just like on regular television. This is mainly due to a limitation on Apple TV since there is no browser available on this device.
  • How Apple's changes to IDFA in iOS 14 can impact our Smart Display SDK inapp integration?
    Starting with iOS 14, a specific integration is needed in your app so the SDK can continue to use the IDFA. A dedicated topic is available here.