Equativ Video Plugin

Instream advertising solution for HTML5 video players.

This documentation is dedicated to developers willing to integrate Equativ Video Plugin.

Equativ's Instream offer enables you to display video ads in your player. You can use 3 different ways of integration:

  • With the Equativ Video Plugin integration you get access to all of Equativ's advanced video features, such as full VAST 4.0 support, ad rules definition, passback management, etc. Also, you can use it if your video player does not support VAST. For details, see below.

    For more about the Instream Video SDK integration, see mobile section.

  • Use the Embeded Ad Manager (EAM) if your player is VPAID and VAST compliant and you simply want to use features such as passbacks while avoiding all the ad plugin integrations steps. All of Equativ's plugin sources will be loaded via a VPAID creative.
  • Finally, the "direct URL" integration requests the VAST directly from Equativ; this is relevant when your player is fully VPAID and VAST compliant. For more about this custom integration and how to request a VAST from Equativ see here.

Equativ Video Plugin


Here is the list of supported features per integration type.

Video Plugin EAM * Vast request
VAST 2.0 **
VAST 3.0 **
VAST 4.0 **
VAST Redirects (wrappers) **
Linear ads (Preroll, midroll, postroll) **
NonLinear ads (overlays) **
Companion ads **
Ad Pods **
Ad rules
Server-side ad rules
Minimum delay between ad breaks
Maximum ad pod duration
Client side passbacks (from VAST ad buffet) **
Regular clickthrough **
Equativ viewability measurement **
VAST tracking events **
Content data management **
Skippable ads **
Audio ads **

* EAM - Embeded Ad Manager

** depends on the player implementation