Display SDK

Advertisement solution for your mobile applications.


Here is the list of supported features.

Feature Supported Additional Information
Rich Media
MRAID 2.0 support See Compatibility page in MRAID support section
MRAID 3.0 support
Outstream Video
Direct media file (mp4, webm, ...)
Prefetching video ad The video asset is partially preloaded to guarantee that it can be played on the device
Video events tracking
<ViewableImpression> (Starting with VAST 4)
VAST / VPAID support See Compatibility page in Outstream Video features section.
Video 360°
Video Go-to-vertical
Open mediation as primary SDK See Integrate Adapters page to have an easy mediation integration.
Mediation as secondary SDK
In-App Bidding
Open In-App Bidding See In-app Bidding page.
Exclusive Smart Formats
Parallax See Parallax page.
Custom keywords
User location Automatic use of user location if permission is granted to the application and if automatic location is manually enabled on the SASConfiguration object.
Custom User Identifier
User Privacy
Do not track compliant
GDPR & CCPA compliant See Privacy laws compliancy page.
Deep linking
In-app App Store link
Smart Viewability Tracking (MRC compliant)
IAB Open Measurement SDK support See Viewability page.